PROS Architects and Planners

Silang Golf & Country Estates

Project Title & Location
Silang Golf and Country Estates
Barangay Kaong, Silang, Cavite


KUOK Properties Philippines, Inc.
Shangrila Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City
Metro Manila

Project Completion

February 2004

Associated Firms

PROS A&E Partnership
PROS Personnel- 2
Person- months- 6

Services Provided
- Project Revalidation
- Strategic Planning

The engagement is essentially a revalidation of its project of 300 hectares in Barangay Kaong, Silang. It is located in the southwest extension of Kuok's development where the San Lazaro Hippodrome and Leisure park at Carmona is located.

With the sudden increase in market positioning by large land developers in Silang, Sta Rosa and Biñan, the need to generate new strategies have to be made to get a better perspective of prospects for the project. The general scope of the undertaking proceeds from the assumption that a high-end residential development together with an 18-hole golf course is a viable development scenario. This becomes more advantageous if contiguous developments will be able to participate in expanding the membership opportunities of the golf course to their residents. As a consequence, a firmer market niche and an up-dated development objective is systematized for the estates.

The general lay of the land is along a northeast strike. This forms well with the orientation of the golf course and the prevailing winds. Along the perimeter of the property, where the ground gradients are elevated, townhouses are to be placed, while on the flatter terrain, where the golf fairways dominate, lot will be for single detached fairway housing. These shall have larger lot cuts.

It is envisioned that there shall be direct access between the golf course and the high-end properties across Alkalde River close to the southern boundary. A 30-meter wide ring road shall circumscribe the golf course. On the northwest end of the project shall be located a neighborhood commercial area of about 10 hectares. Each neighborhood cluster of townhouses will have their own parks and open spaces as well as community facilities.