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Site of the Foundation of the Philippine
Armed Forces & the Tejeros Convention

Project Title & Location
Rosario, Cavite


The National Centennial Commission
Garnet Road cor.Vargas Avenue, Pasig City

Armed Forces of the Philippines, Corps of Engineers

Project Completion


Associated Firms

APDAA, Landscape Architects

Services Provided
- Site Development Plans
- Architectural Programming
- Architectural Design
- Landscape Architecture

Two very significant event of the Revolution of 1896 occurred in the Casa Hacienda de Tejeros. The first is the infamous Tejeros Convention, which to historians is a mock election to put Cavitenos in the helm of a reorganized Katipunan, following the defeat of Bonifacio in the Battle at San Juan. The second event is the founding of the Philippine Armed Forces. These happened in 22 March 1897.

The Department of National Defense and the Armed Forces of the Philippines are assigned the responsibility to develop the area as part of the Centennial Freedom Trail. Located along the National Road to General Trias, the property has originally an area of 7,008 square meters. Unfortunately, 50% of the site is mortgaged to a bank, the reacquisition of which is prohibitive for the government's program. Since the area around the site is already urbanized due to the strong presence of the Cavite Export Processing Zone, the clamor is to have a conference facility for the companies in the industrial estate. The uncertainties in acquiring the other half of the property required the confinement of the development in only half of the property. A 3-storey conference center with a basement for support activities now stands in the property. The portions of the land adjacent to the river bank are reserved for promenade along the Canas River. The development also includes the preservation of portions of the ruins for a small amphitheater. Landscaping includes the development of vehicular parking places, and the provision of facilities, for power, water, sewage. The community is involved not only in food catering and entertainment but also in home hosting, particularly when events are planned ahead for the year.