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Sitio Angol Pilot Village

Project Title & Location
SITIO ANGOL PILOT VILLAGE, Boracay Island Master Development Plan
Boracay, Aklan


Boracay Island Interagency Development Project Team

Department of Tourism

Project Completion


Associated Firms


Services Provided
- Structural and Socail Surveys
- Concepts Development

Sitio Angol in Barangay Manoc Manoc is about 12 hectares is area. It is bounded by Sitio Ambulong in the north, Sitio Cayban in the south, in the east by Sitio Tuluban and in the west by the southernmost stretch of the long beach. The sitio is the most densely populated settlement in the resort island (40 structures/hectare). Existing structures are made of diverse materials ranging from indigenous to permanent reinforced concrete buildings. Utilities are non-existent exacerbating unsanitary conditions.

In the Boracay Island Tourism Master Plan, Sitio Angol is designated as an area that shall provide opportunities for appropriate development schemes for indigenous community tourism programs.

Extensive data handling consisting of conditions of structures, occupancy, status of land ownership, family income and entrepreneurship helped in community organizing decisions. The planning team has utilized the transactive approach. This involves active community participation, land readjustment as well as communal land management. At most there are some 125 property owners and land claimants with 1200 households occupying the properties. A number of interior lots do not have frontages or access to roads. An agreement has helped open areas where a fixed percentage of land is contributed proportionately by all landowners to a common pool.

A development concept of clustering households has answered the problem of accessibility and lack of common grounds. The concept also has allowed for cottages to have better opportunities in opening small businesses that are accessible from the beachfront. By clustering the households, the cottage layouts provide for unique tropical architecture schemes.