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Sitio Kumunoy-D Relocation Site Subdivision Plan

Project Title & Location
Subdivision Plan for Sitio Kumunoy D, Relocation Site
Bagong Silangan, Quezon City


Samahang Ugnayan ng Malayang Magkakapitbahayan sa Kumunoy (SUMAMAKA) Area D, Homeowners Association, Inc.
Bagong Silangan, Quezon City

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Services Provided
- Subdivision Planning
- Advocacy Dialogues

When private land developers purchase lands illegally occupied by indigent families, they are obliged to provide relocation sites for the displaced. This is the situation of the families displaced at Bagong Silangan, Quezon City. With the involvement of PROS in the massive housing project at the National Government Center, the Sitio Kumunoy community sought the assistance of PROS in establishing a viable relocation site for Sumamaka consisting of 144 families.

Having lived in the area of Bagong Silangan for over 15 years the Sumamaka members insist in staying in the property that a major land developer has purchased. Because their home sites are dispersed and not contiguous with each other its impracticality necessitates their relocation in a 7800-square meter site in Bagong Silangan very close to San Mateo River. The initial plan of the developer did not allow any access by land out of the relocation site. The only possible practical access will have to be through the new project, which the developer did not want. Upon the advice of PROS and with a new scheme at hand Sumamaka strongly requested to be allowed access through the new project. This waseluctantly given.

Forty square meter lots in regular sizes of 5m x 8m are provided for the 144 families. All residual grounds are devoted to multi-use open spaces. Functional uses such as vehicle parking, water gathering points and community facilities are adjuncts to the open space. A density of 184 families per hectare is achieved using a 6.50-meter road-right-of-way. 2.50- meter pathways dominate the site.