PROS Architects and Planners

Smokey Mountain Development & Reclamation

Project Title & Location
North Harbor, Manila


136 Malakas St., Diliman, Quezon City

Project Completion


Associated Firms

ECT Consulting Engineers
Transportas Consulting, Inc.
Strategies and Alliances Corporation, Inc.

Services Provided
- Planning, transportation and urban design concepts and plans
- Detailed engineering plans for the reclamation
- Business plan for the project

With the vision to transform a miserable social malaise into an economic opportunity, the President issued memorandum orders in 1988 and in 17 January 1992 to the National Housing Authority mandating the agency to implement the Smokey Mountain Development and Reclamation Project. Presidential approval was also issued in 7 October 1992 authorizing the NHA to proceed with the joint-venture undertaking with R-II Builders, Inc. in the implementation of the Project. The project covers the Smokey Mountain Housing Project and the Manila Harbour Centre. Planning Resources and Operations Systems, Inc. was commissioned to undertake the Master Planning of the Smokey Mountain Development and Reclamation Project.

The Smokey Mountain Housing Project houses approximately 3,500 families occupying the former Smokey Mountain garbage dumpsite. The complex is composed of thirty 5-story walk-up buildings compactly sited at the foot of the hill.

The Manila Harbour Centre is envisioned to be an urban center for trade, commerce and industry composed of a 32-hectare Central Business District as a component to the 79-hectare port city, a 15-hectare Port Terminal that will cater to inter-island shipping lines plying the southern Philippines routes, and a 32-hectare Industrial Park to house light and medium industries and warehousing activities. The Manila Harbour Centre has a catchment area covering, Manila, Caloocan, Quezon City, Malabon, Valenzuela and Navotas.

At par with world-class standards, the Manila Harbour Centre CBD master plan incorporates infrastructure, utilities and services that elevate the existing standards of similar developments to the level required for the 21st century.