PROS Architects and Planners

SSS Housing Phase II

Project Title & Location
North Fairveiw, Quezon City


East Avenue, Quezon City

Project Completion


Associated Firms

PROS A&E Partnership
Acre Surveying Inc.
Erlinda Mendoza, Sanitary Engineer
Cesar Tadeo, Professional Electrical Engineer

Services Provided
- Subdivision Planning
- Civil Works Engineering Design
- Housing Typology
- A & E Design Services
- Land Surveys and Titling

After a lull for almost a decade, the SSS Housing Committee finally decided to continue its housing project at North Fairview. As is required, 3 alternative subdivision plans are presented with 3 alternative house schemes. The proposed schemes are subjected to beneficiary scrutiny and modifications until a common consensus of the best solution is arrived at. After which the selected subdivision plan and house types are finalized for construction. All land surveys, monumenting of lots and their consequent tilting are included in the consulting services for the project.

The planning and architectural design process uses for their dimensional standards the international modular coordination system. In the approach, the standard dimensions are multiples of 300mm x 300mm on the horizontal plane and 100mm on the vertical plane the advantage of this approach is that flexibility in space arrangements, in the economy of the use of building materials, in the reduction of waste, and in the adaptability for interior expansion is inherent in the design solution.

Construction systems are also evaluated and recommended. These can range from precast concrete systems, to poured-in-place using tunnel forms, as well as dry-wall construction and in the application of innovative technologies for buildings that are durable, stable and fire-resistant. Combinations of new utility systems as well as those that are adjunct to the existing utilities are "value analyzed" for economy and efficiency.