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St. Francis Nature Camp

Project Title & Location
Mt. Purro, Calawis, Antipolo


Calawis, Antipolo

Project Completion


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ACRE Surveying

Services Provided
- Site Development Planning
- Programming
- Architectural Design
- Landscape Design

In support of the initiatives to reforest the 1000-hectare watershed where Mt. Purro is located, the malvar Family opted to establish a nature camp of 6 hectares. Its purpose is to have the site developed as an accessible camp for novices and pre-teeners.

For closer management and supervision, the Malvars shall reside in the camp. Their residence shall serve as the nerve center of the activities. However, another administration complex shall be opened for the day-to-day activities and reception area for the camp.

The flatter portion on the west side is designated to serve the public. Provisions for hiking and camping and other more public activities are to be located here.

On the east side, are located the camp grounds and recreational activities. Vacation cottages are clustered in the plateaus of the middle side, but sheltered away from the camping grounds with waterway separations. Pathways running parallel to landscaped watercourses form a circuit. On an escarpment, more adventure activities such as rappelling, are designated as sites to allow children to learn the rudiments and ethics of nature. As the ecology of the site stabilizes with indigenous fauna, specific habitat zones shall be indeitifed and designated for special activities. St. Francis Nature Camp shall also become the jump-off post for treks to Mount Purro.