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Santo Rosario Villages Workers Housing

Project Title & Location
General Trias, Cavite


A&A Developoment Consultants
RVM Sisters, Metro Manila

Project Completion


Associated Firms

PROS A&E Partnership

Services Provided
- Master Planning
- Subdivision Planning
- Architectural Design Services

From a 100-hectare property, the Sisters of St. Mary is developing 85 hectares for an integrated social housing project in the town of General Trias. The rest of the area shall be devoted to the congregation's social and religious activities that are complementary to the housing project.

Based on a horizontal condominium concept of property ownership, dwelling units are mostly row house types. The houses allow for 36 families per building on 267 square meters. The building floor arrangement has 36 square meters for the first three floors and a combination of maisonettes over which are lofted units at the fourth floor with 18.0 square meters and a provision for a loft of 8.0 square meters.

A total of 16 Planned Unit Development modules averaging 4.6 hectares each, are allocated on 42 % of the land. In all the land allocation is as follows:

Residential areas- 19,600 sqm / 42 %
Roadways and paths- 12,496 sqm / 27 %
Parks & Recreation- 5,136 sqm / 11 %
Livelihood Area- 6,140 sqm / 13 %
Parking- 3,264 sqm / 7 %
Total: 46,636 sqm / 100%

The circulation system is largely pedestrian-dominant, with para transits and linkages to mass transport systems that are to be progressively introduced.

Implementation of the project involves the community in decisions on lot distribution, community facilities, the management of the project and in the production of building components, not to mention the cooperative development of the project. Major funding comes from the Community Mortgage Program of the Philippine Government and Pag-Ibig.