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Stonybrook Townhomes Medium-Rise Buildings

Project Title & Location
Quezon City


Property Planners, Inc.

Project Completion


Associated Firms

M.T. Mañosa, Jr., Architect

Services Provided
- Architectural and Engineering Design
- Site Development Planning

The road intersection at Sunshine Drive, a loop road that slopes down behind the Quezon City Sports Club, provides the intimate introduction to the laid-back features of the 10,122-square meter property. Although the Sunnyside Drive is very accessible from Rodriguez Avenue, a busy road, the site is still insulated from the hustle-and-bustle of the city. The year-round water flow of Diliman Creek located along the northern boundary of the property adds to the bucolic character of the area. This is the contextual setting that makes the group of townhouses appropriately designed for in-town countryside living.

The architectural context consists of a combination of medium-density dwelling units. There are three medium-rise structures with floor plates of 398 square meters each. These are arranged closest to the creek. Five pairs of compact townhomes and six units of terraced houses are arranged closer to the gateways in order to maximize pockets that provide for greater privacy. All have an average floor area of 85 square meters.

The medium-rise buildings are in four levels with parking garages and with residential units of either one bedroom with a den (88 square meters) or two-bedroom units (100 square meters). On the other hand, the townhomes and terraced units are in two floors, with an optional attic space. These accommodate three bedrooms. Surface parking slots are unobtrusively disposed to complement the unifying features of the landscaping.