PROS Architects and Planners

Susana Heights Framework Plan

Project Title & Location
Alabang, Muntinlupa


Makati City

Project Completion


Associated Firms

Synergistics Consultants, Inc.

Services Provided
- Framework Planning
- Subdivision Planning
- Selected Ecological Studies
- Institutional and Legal Aspects

The scope of work for the project covers the framework planning for the whole 392 hectares as well as the preparation of subdivision plans for two villages, one being the commercial-institutional area. To provide flexibility in meeting changing conditions of the market, no village is limited to a specific range of house types. This will avoid unwarranted creation of 'enclaves'. The framework plan documents an appropriate set of activity mix that will bring about a variety of human responses to social functions as well as joy in community living.

The subdivision plans are based on the overall concept of forming six distinct environments where each village provides its own unique quality, yet is an integral component of the whole community. Within the villages, a range of lot sizes and hose types is offered to meet homebuyers' demands.

All built structures are situated on land pockets that allow waterways to continue as drain troughs; as well as the formation of footpaths linking each house cluster with one another. Pathways are also appendages to strip parks that break open into larger open space nodes. The land allocation of the two villages are as follows:

Land Use

Residential Lots
Comm'l Mixed Use
Parks and Recreation
Road Rights-of-Way


Village III

Ha.           %
35.51      68.76
-               -
-               -
2.85      5.52
10.00      19.36
3.29      6.36

51.65      100.00

Village IV

Ha.       %
21.64      52.04
3.43      8.26
4.47      10.74
1.08      2.61
8.05      19.35
2.91      7.00

41.56      100.00