PROS Architects and Planners

Taal Lakelands

Project Title & Location
Conceptual Plan for the Taal Lakelands
Tanauan-Balete, Batangas


Belle Corporation
Ortigas Complex, Pasig City

Project Completion

May 2005

Associated Firms

PROS Personnel- 3
Person- months- 27

Services Provided
- Conceptual Plans and Imaging

Jutting out from the eastern shores of Tanauan and Balete is 340 hectares of rolling terrain. Prominently positioned in the property is a low mountain peak called Maria Paz. A peninsula now identified as Wani-Wani distinguishes the area from the rest of the eastern shoreline. A northwest trending ridge line defines the property's main access. This is linked to the Southern Tagalog Access Road by way of Sambat in Tanauan. From the highlands of Tagaytay City the project site is easily distinguished due to its topographic features and the adjacency of two islets Bubuin and Napayung.

The scenic views along its coastal perimeter provide useful dispositions for the variety of developments for the project. In all five clusters of development are conceptualized.

Besides using water for leisure and recreation, a water transport system is introduced in the development to link tourist distinctions of the lakeshores and the volcano island. The system is also an adjunct link to the project of Belle Reserves in the Tagaytay-Taal Sub-Region.

The general design principles which the property aims to satisfy are :
- Set up new experiences through the inherent features of the site; and the use of design strategies of history, nature and sound technologies;
- Enhance local culture, mores and practices unique in Taal Lake area;
- Showcase the quality of the scenery
- Maximize scenic orientations in combination with climate the sun and wind;
- Produce a variety of activity centers
- Create intense developments with user convenience as an essential factor;
- Move for incremental site development, yet eliciting an impression of completeness;
- Provide required infrastructure and utilities on a modular basis.

In all, a greening strategy combines, the built environment and sound technologies to sustain the natural conditions of the project site.