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Tagaytay Highlands Expanded Development

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Tagaytay Highlands Expanded Development Project
Tagaytay City-Cavite / Calamba-Talisay



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- Program and Land Use Consolidation Framework
- Engineering Concepts and Utilities

After experiencing a series of land development successes on the 199 - hectare the corporation has its hands; it is now incumbent to give emphasis on consolidating the properties. Concentrating the lands along the borders of northwest Tagaytay City, principally in Talisay and Calamba, the client is now able to identify lands that are unique in projecting the primary image of the Highland character. Recently when the owners saw it fit to develop a strategy of integrating the acquired parcels along a consolidated development concept.

Tagaytay Highlands Golf and Country Estate, the original project parcel will now include in the consolidation, the Tagaytay Midlands and Golf Club, the Tagaytay Highlands Country and Pinecrest Village; (consisting of the Villas, the Belle View, the Woodlands, the Woodridge and the Woodridge Parkland). The Midlands Community (Alta Mira, Lakeview Heights, the Horizon); and the Greenlake Community (Plantation Hills, the Parks at Saratoga Hills, the Verandas also at Saratoga Hills).

The above-cited project parcels will be tied together by major land routes with land marks that are autonomous. These shall be treated to the advantage of their vitality in building their strengths along a unitary development image. The key objectives of the effort shall look at:

1. Studies for a comprehensive framework plan;
2. Detailed master planning and engineering for specific properties identified in stage 1 following a phasing program.

Additionally, some 1000 hectares of land in Talisay are viewed as areas whose potentials match the strategies for the current projects. These areas have to be linked to the Highlands proper for coherence and integrity. For the potential sites it is expected that: an indicative land use plan shall be formulated together with a major route that is the most desirable link of the Belle Corporation and Highland Prime Inc. properties with Taal Lake.