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Tatlong Pulo Vacation Island Resort

Project Title & Location
Jordan, Guimaras


Samuel Ip, Hongkong

Project Completion


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Strategies and Alliances Corporation

Services Provided
- Conceptual Planning
- Feasibility Study
- Project Coordination

Very popular to island resort visitors from Western Europe is Isla Naburot in Guimaras. This resort is owned and managed by the Saldana Family of Iloilo City. Not far from the isla is Tatlong Pulo in the Municipality of Jordan also in the island of Guimaras Province. It has an area of 46 hectares and is owned by the same family. This is being leased for 30 years by a resort management group of Mr. Samuel Ip. The group is interested in developing the area into an exclusive resort for bankers and executives.

With a projected club membership of 80,000 bankers and executives from the Far East whose members are in search for small resorts to unwind for a week. Expectedly, they are not willing to pay high rates, yet can guarantee a certain number of occupancy every year, making the prospect of a 60-cottage/villa project becomes very favorable. This is the idea of the proposal to an existing executive club.

The project is to be developed in 3 phases of 20 accommodation units each. The site is in three levels. The first level is a sandy ledge abut 2.0 meters above mean sea level. This area is a good site for an oval swimming pool and clubhouse. At Level 2 cottages for 40 units with service stations is to be located. Level 3 is reserved for a future resort hotel and 20 additional cottages. Between levels 2 and 3 is to be located the outdoor and sports venues. Back-of-the-house services will come from the road link close to Level 3.