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Trimaran Place: Residence of Mr. & Mrs. Robin Loh

Project Title & Location
Robina City, Gold Coast, Australia


Robin Loh and Louise Loh Shen Chen
Robina Group

Project Completion


Associated Firms

Gabino A. De Leon, Architect
ECT Consulting Engineers

Services Provided
- Site Development Planning
- A & E Design Services

Robina City, in the Gold Coast of Australia, is owned and developed by the Robina Group. Within the reclamation project is a five-hectare island called Loh Island. It is here where the villa of the patriarch of the city, Mr. and Mrs. Robin Loh is setting up the family villa.

Before the waterway site bends into an oxbow, a cul-de-sac terminates at Trimaran Place. The road acts as the main access to the property. A well-landscaped area, this is where the Loh Villa, a three-level sprawling residence is located.

The architectural design process for the project aims to generate a pattern of efficient spaces that are conducive to gracious living. The exceptional qualities of the site are utilized as a continuous backdrop for the building. The architectural expression of the residence is its identifying characteristic sans frivolities.

Besides the typical bedrooms and living area arrangements, vestibules, balconies and covered courts characterize the plan-form. Added features are ball courts, lapping pool, a 4-car garage and boat ramps. The putting green, game rooms, lounges and refectory have their own pantry and kitchen for independent activities.