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UP Science & Technology Parks

Project Title & Location
Conceptual Framework Plan for the University of the Philippines Science and Technology Parks Diliman Campus
Quezon City


University of the Philippines System
Diliman, Quezon City

Project Completion

January 2001

Associated Firms

ECTConsulting Engineers
Transportas Consulting

Services Provided
- Conceptual Development
- Framework Planning
- Civil Works Engineering Validation
- Transport Systems Framework

The Science and Technology Parks in University of the Philippines, Diliman Campus, are envisioned as vehicles for transforming innovative technological ideas into successful enterprises. The parks, consisting of 98 hectares in the north, along Commonwealth Avenue, and 65 hectares in the south, along C.P.Garcia Avenue are expected to be human resource-rich venues. These are where entrepreneurial ventures can take root; where incubating technology companies can develop their potentials; and where established multi-national firms can expand their opportunities in science and technology.

The target clientele of the science and technology parks range from small businesses and start-up enterprises to satellite offices of large multi-national firms engaged in high technology opportunities in computer science, biotechnology, telecommunications and imaging, telematics, information technology as well as transportation science. Because of the available resources in the U.P.campus which are not only multi-disciplinary but trans-disciplinary, new technological combinations are encouraged to evolve into new enterprises.

In planning for both sites, the development concepts stems from the following:

- The plan-form takes a grid-and concentric pattern to be in keeping with the present campus character;
- The open spaces are structured to enhance the campus landscape program;
- The land use mix adheres to the total campus plan while basically responding to the specific land use requirements of the Science and Technology parks.
- The urban design elements take-off from prevailing conditions of culture and behavior.