PROS Architects and Planners

Valley Golf South Course Upgrading

Project Title & Location
Antipolo, Rizal


Valley Gold and Country Club, Inc.
Antipolo City

Project Completion


Associated Firms

Erwin Austria, Golf Course and Landscape Architect
Amh, Philippiines, Consulting Engineers

Services Provided
- Course upgrading plan
- Landscape improvement plan
- Drainaage upgrading design
- Irrigation upgrading design
- Course appurtenance design

The Valley Golf and Country Club, Inc. South Course was opened in 1961. The original 18-hole par-72 championship course was originally designed as a British-inspired course by Australian designer Jas H. Scott. After forty years, the course has become soggy, and heavy siltation has occurred along major drainage ways, the facilities aged and requiring renovations.

PROS, together with its affiliates, Golf Course Architect Erwin Austria and AMH Philippines Engineers, undertook the Course Upgrading and Engineering studies for the South Course with the objective of making it an all-weather course and correcting deficiencies of the drainage system in the area. The scope of the study included detailed hydrologic, drainage and geotechnical review of the existing conditions, recommendation of development alternatives and mitigating measures to arrest potential problems which led to the preparation of a cost effective upgrading program to improve and renovate the golf course greens, tees and fairways, waterways, irrigation landscaping and structures.

The final output of the study is a Master Plan for the Upgrading of the Valley Golf South Course which recommended:

- Proper sand mix for tees, greens and fairways,
- Appropriate grass specie for tees, greens and fairways
- Dredging of the major drainage and waterways within the property
- Landscaping to add color and scent to the environment
- Cart path widening and provision and lay-bys and waiting points
- Area Lighting for the last three holes
- Rehabilitation and improvement of course appurtenances and signages