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Velasquez Medium Rise Building

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Laguna Properties Holdings Incorporated
Makati City

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- Subdivision Planning

In its attempt to offer affordable housing to the lower middle income families of Manila, the company is challenged to develop a 1.2-hectare parcel in Velasquez, Tondo, Manila. The conditions of the site are challenging. The National Housing Aauthority has offered for bid the property on an as is, where is basis. With density conditions at the higher spectrum, medium rise buildings are by necessity to be buillt on soft ground. Inevitablly, bored piles will be required for good foundation for the buildings. As the finish grade will have to overcome inflow of the high tidal waters, grade elevation will need to be filled up to 3.0 meters. Water pollution along the estero in the viciniity of Velasquez have to be dealt with, but will take a larger area to contend with. In fine, environmental conditions are mostly in the negative, making the neighborhood image a difficult feature to overcome.

Despite these conditions, the project will have elevators and the open display of drying laundry will have to be discouraged. Community ambience for social interaction shall be encouraged, as in itself, property ownership shall be used to project pride. As the project site is within a bustling community, transport and movement is not a critical issue. Utilities are available and operatrional in most periods of the year.

The area allocation of the housing project is as follows:

Land Area- 1.2 Hectares
No. of Buildings- Six (6)
Building Foot Print- 561.30 sq. m.
Percent of Building Occupancy- 78.40%
Number of Floors- Six (6) per bldg.
Total Floor Area- 3,367.80 sq. m.
Floor Area Ratio (FAR)- 1.68
Car Parking Slots- 1:8