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Wack Wack Subdivision
Update of Rules & Regulations

Project Title & Location
Fordham St., Wack Wack Village,
Mandaluyong City


Mandaluyong City

Project Completion


Associated Firms

G.V. Manahan, Project Leader

Services Provided
- Rules and Regulations
- Surveys

Wack Wack Subdivision is one of the original upscale residential communities in Madaluyong. It started as an off-shoot of a golf course now the Wack Wack Golf Course and Country Club. There are some 2400 residents in the community where properties are not less than 700 square meters. each. Residents have long stayed in the community, most older than 1980. Several young families inherited their properties from the original land owners who began to live in the community in the 1960's.

In order to keep the community current with the times, the WWRAI saw to it that is Rules and Regulations be up-dated, particularly in terms of outdoor community and environmental quality. In 2005 the Association (WWRAI) commissioned PROS A&E under G.V. Manahan to review and up-date its original Rules and Regulations of 2002.

The major items in the study are:

1. Photo survey of the residential units particularly the outdoor environments.
2. Review of traffic accidents during the past four years.
3. Household survey.
4. A comparative study of the city ordinance and the residential subdivision.
5. Rationalization of key ordinance provisions, particularly easements, garage and parking.
6. Preparation of an Omnibus Rules and Regulations for ready use by the residents.