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World Expo 2002 - Ecotourism: Growing with Nature

Project Title & Location
Quezon Memorial Circle



Project Completion


Associated Firms

Transportas Consulting, Inc.
ECT Consulting Engineers
Seastems, Inc.
R.I. Punzalan & Associates
Espina, Perez-Espina & Associates

Services Provided
- Environmental Assessment
- Conceptual development framework
- Masterplanning
- Urban design and landscpae planning
- Transportation studies
- Architecture and engineering services
- Infrastructure planning

The 25-hectare Quezon Memorial Circle was chosen as the site for the First Bureaux Internationale des Expositiones (BIE) Recognized exposition in the world. This new category is what is called a RECOGNIZED EXPOSITION. It is built in a modest scale of about 25 hectares and of a shorter duration. The challenge is in incorporating the main features of an EXPO at the same time fitting the best possible program in the site. The aim of the plan is to optimize circulation patterns; and to rationalize crowd management in order to offer visitors an enjoyable experience.

The master plan is organized into four zones composed of the ceremonial plaza and three nodes named after the three major island groupings of the Philippines - Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The EXPO centerpiece is the ceremonial plaza that shall serve as the venue for the main and special events. The 66 meter high Quezon Memorial Monument retrofitted with scenic elevators will afford visitors a vantage view of the entire metropolis from its top level.

The QMC with its mature trees and lush vegetation offers a perfect setting for the exposition. With the low-density development of the site, the master plan guarantees harmony with the park's environment. The emphasis on nature at the site reflects the theme of the exposition: "Ecotourism: Growing with Nature."

In order for the expo staff , to reside close to the activity venues during the exposition, a Nayon Expo is to be built within the UP Diliman Campus. The Molave Residence Hall is proposed to be refurbished. And adjacent to the building, additional facilities are to be constructed to complete a community ambience. After the exposition all these improvements are to be turned over to the university.

In 1998 when the Estrada Administration assumed office, what was initially promised to the BIE was rescinded. The Philippine government was forced to decline what was originally committed reasoning out the economic downturn of the region. Consequently, what was worked out over six years at the BIE just went down the drain.