PROS Architects and Planners

Xavier School-South Nuvali

Project Title & Location
Xavier School South, Nuvali
Canlubang, Laguna


Fr. Johnny C. Go,
School Director

Project Completion


Associated Firms

PROS Planners
Amh. Engineers
Cons Koh: Traffic Consultant
Land Excel: Market Studies

Services Provided
- Programming and Space Allocation
- Site Dev't Plans & Master Planning
- Transport Studies
- Infrastructure and Utility Concepts
- Market Studies

Located in an area of about 15 hectares that is environmentally sensitive, Xavier School South is envisioning an educational program that shall be directed in developing students who are to be leaders in influencing lifestyles that are aware of environmental issues, conventions and new technologies that can help in achieving progress and wealth in the community. While achieving a new outlook in life, the student in his mature life develops a balance of nature, environment and culture.

Specifically, the school aims to treat the world as a place for action, not consumption. Effectively, the educational institution helps create a learning environment in which children are encouraged to discover, use their creativity, engage in multimedia communications, cooperate with distant partners, work independently or in groups, and adapt their experiences in the pursuit of enhancing the acquisition of knowledge and development of their skills. In response to these proposed objectives, the school has to continually revise teaching priorities to create more effective learning environments and propose lifelong learning skills and habits in order to cope with an increasingly competitive information-based society.

The scope of work shall include Master planning and Detailed Site Development Design. A functional approach utilizing a menu of space programming techniques and based on the amount of area required to suggest the functions shall be utilized in formulating the, size and design of the school site.