PROS Architects and Planners


Human Settlements Planning
In development, inter-disciplinary collaboration is necessary for the appropriate utilization of resources. Human societies are well aware of the need for determining and ordering the distribution of land uses, the siting of buildings and the rationalization of efficient movement systems. It is in well-planned environments where conservation of land is sensibly blended with its utilization.

We at PROS look at planning as an act of anticipating change and arbitrating over the aspects of siting and location as well as, form and environmental fit.

Tourism Planning
Travel involves people meeting other peoples. Whenever opportunities come people will decide to visit a place for its history, culture, environment for its uniqueness. Oftentimes decisions to make a trip are weighed against one's knowledge or experience of the place. Removing misimpressions and apprehensions of a place are important considerations in developing tourist destinations.

When people, place and activities become integrated to make a tourist destination unique, these become the ingredients to a sought after locality. PROS looks at this mix of elements as a process by which a location becomes attractive to tourists. It then becomes the objective of PROS to enhance such elements so that these can be relished by guests of the place, and for the residents/locals to perpetuate the uniqueness of such destination.

Architecture & Urban Design
PROS principals who are architects and specialists in their own lines take lead in directing this service. This approach to architecture is to celebrate the primacy of the users of space and their particular needs.
The pragmatic side responds to the exigencies of the program and site by introducing relevant elements between intention and product. Their attitude to architecture is aimed at responding to conditions, needs and the environment. Tradition is used as catalyst and mediator between how function responds to culture and how people identify architecture with the locale.

Detailed Planning & Engineering
Controlling the forces of nature is always a challenge to engineers. Technology is what engineers harness for the benefit of humankind. There are several ways of achieving this process. Meaningful solutions are attained if the basis for engineering creations are well-grounded on facts of nature.
PROS engineers look at the totality of the situation. Elemental features are established, criteria on the basis of need are formulated, and quality in tune with the forces of nature is developed.

Planning operations with a strong content from ecological studies require highly developed analytical policy and management experience in making decisions.
The base of knowledge utilized by this area of service draws heavily upon the natural sciences. The scale of analysis is wide but will normally cover resources conditions and carrying capacities that imply constraints and suitability for various types of development.

The approach that PROS takes is towards the development and management of resources rather than merely the puritanical approach of preservation and conservation. Resources compatibility is the essence of development

Industrial Development
The usual siting of industrial projects in developing countries requires that the planners give full consideration to the necessities and limitations of the local culture and to the socio-economic responsibilities that eventually are borne by a newly-established industry in particular localities.

In the design of facilities and layout of buildings, machines and equipment, in selecting methods of construction and erection, and eventually in the design of planning and control systems for production, inventory, quality, distribution and maintenance -- in all these facets, PROS seeks to obtain the happy and profitable balance between desired sophistication and what is culturally feasible with full consideration for function and aesthetics.

Economics, Sociology & Anthropology
With a man and his activities as lynch pins, the soft sciences of economics, sociology and anthropology are utilized by PROS as spokes in identifying common concerns for both the provider and recipient of development. These are shared, utilized and debated upon for the greatest good of all.

The soft sciences are used as mechanisms for which the validation process for project development can take place. A heightened awareness is elicited in accepting the value of the wise use of land and resources. It is through the applications of these fields where the significance of development is established.